2017 Alumni Association dues (pay by PayPal account or by credit card at checkout):

If you would like to pay by Venmo, please pay Stuart Small @StuSmall via mobile device and mark it for 2017 Alumni fees.


Through the ΘΧ National Chapter we have the ability to take advantage of their 501c(3) Charitable tax status.  As an affiliate chapter, they can set up a scholarship fund for Beta Omicron, administered by us, that can be used to help the actives attend National training events or even to be used toward college tuition. This allows your donations to be tax deductible.   This is the preferred method to us applying for our own 501c(3) status, which has significant cost and lots of yearly paperwork.  Stay tuned as we develop a scholarship program for the active chapter.

ΘΧ National Chapter is taking a look at setting up 501c(3) tax deductible accounts for chapters that are building new houses. This would create a vehicle for chapters to raise tax deductible donations without the cost and paperwork associated with being a 501c(3) entity themselves.   There are some very specific rules as to what tax deductible funds can pay for in a new house.  Using an architect who is familiar with the regulations and depending on the particular house design it is possible that 25%-35% of the house cost could be paid for using tax deductible donations made through the National 501c(3) housing fund.  As we get closer to the potential of building a new house, we will be exploring this option further.